As August rolls in, it is a time of change. Summer comes to an end and school begins. The weather, well that usually stays the same, hot and humid. The COVID-19 pandemic has been an unexpected change in our lives and business. In my own family, we have had to cancel my oldest daughter’s wedding in May and switched gears as my other daughter decided she wanted to move her wedding up from December to August. Whew, these girls are keeping me busy!

Many changes have occurred within our industry. The City of Lincoln recently updated to the 2018 IRC and IECC. For more information please see page 8.

The HBAL Board has recently been made aware of the changes to how conduit will be installed to deliver power to new construction. We have a team working through these modifications and will be meeting with LES at the August board meeting to further discuss these changes.

The HBAL Executive Committee and staff are continuing to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic and how it will affect the events we have scheduled for the fall. These events are important to our community and industry and we are working diligently to ensure these events can continue safely.

We are working hard to make certain we are keeping all of you updated on the recent changes and to ensure everyone is informed. I want to thank all the members of HBAL for being flexible and remaining positive during these times of constant change!