In the September Business Builder, I shared information about the City’s proposed updates to the Drainage Criteria Manual (DCM). Many of the proposed changes were going to have a significant impact on buildable land. Last month we learned the Transportation and Utilities Department will be taking another look at the proposed changes. A HUGE thank you to all the engineers who spent their time meeting to discuss the changes and the impact they’d have. Ann Post also attended these meetings and we appreciate her work to keep us informed. We will continue to keep an eye on the DCM when the new changes are proposed.

I want to recognize several HBAL members for their dedication to the Lincoln Lighthouse. HBAL was approached by Lighthouse to help in the construction of a greenhouse. Lance Roach (Black Label Built), Ryan Jones (Stephens and Smith Construction) and Jim Christo stepped up to help make the Lighthouse staff’s dream of a greenhouse a reality. When I attended their dedication ceremony on Monday, November 8, it was inspiring to hear Bill Michener speak about how much the greenhouse means to them. He thanked Jim Christo for his relentless work to ensure the house was done in time to receive grant funding. If you know Jim, Lance or Ryan, please reach out to them and share your gratitude for all they do for HBAL and our community.

If you haven’t signed up to attend the HBAL Holiday Party, do so now! We’ve had the event booked for almost two years and I personally really enjoy attending dueling pianos. It should be a fun evening!