November 10, 2015 @ 8:00 am – 12:00 pm
6100 South 58th Street
Lincoln, NE 68516
$60 for HBAL Members, $120 for non-members

Home Buyer Expectations – Define, Align, & Reinforce

In today’s competitive environment, securing a sale without overpromising your product, process, or service is challenging. Meeting that challenge requires a forthright system that combines accurate information, diplomacy, and subtle repetition. The front line personnel who apply this system need appropriate attitudes, skills, and tools to bring realistic expectations to life for customers. This class shows how to develop the practices and documents to achieve these goals.

Suggested Audience: Management and Front Line Personnel

  1. Explain the connection between customer expectations and future business.
  1. Describe the factors that contribute to customer expectations.
  1. Illustrate how to determine whether a prospect’s existing expectations offer a potential match to what you offer.
  1. Discuss the five principles for aligning expectations successfully.
  1. List three or more common pitfalls to avoid in aligning home buyer expectations.
  1. Give examples of product, process, and service expectations home buyers need.
  1. Discuss how a builder’s homeowner guide and planned meetings can be used to detail and reinforce expectations.
  1. Give three or more examples of additional tools and specialized techniques available to builders for aligning expectations.
  1. Identify opportunities to exceed expectations.