The City of Lincoln Planning Department is working on changes to the zoning code to help housing affordability. They are seeking feedback during the month of July. They will have the changes to the Planning Commission on August 4 and to the City Council on August 23. The summary of the changes are:

  • Administrative Amendments: The Planning Director could convert floor area to dwelling units in an approved Planned Unit Development or Use Permit and could increase the dwelling count by 15% in an approved special permit.
  • Parking: Minimum parking requirements would be reduced to 1.5 stalls per dwelling unit for Multiple Family Dwellings in the R-1 through R-6 Residential Districts, to 1 stall per dwelling unit in the O-3 Office Park District and B-5 Planned Regional Business District, and eliminated in the O-1 Office District.
  • Height: The maximum height for all uses would be increased to 55 feet in the O-3 Office Park District, B-2 Planned Neighborhood Business District, B-5 Planned Regional Business District, and for multiple-family dwellings only in the R-1 through R-7 Residential Districts.
  • Corner Lots: A new definition of corner front yard would be created allowing a single or two-family dwelling on the corner of two or more streets to potentially reduce up to two street fronting yards to 10 feet.
  • B-2 Residential Uses: All residential uses in the B-2 Planned Neighborhood Business District would become permitted instead of conditional uses.
  • Rebuilding After Damage: All residential uses in R-1 through R-8 would be allowed to rebuild to the original condition, regardless of nonconformity, even if damage exceeds 60% of the fair market value.

If you’d like additional information on these changes click here. The HBAL Board of Directors has voted in favor of supporting these changes. Please feel free to contact Michaela at the HBAL office or myself if you have any feedback you’d like to pass along.

The HBAL staff is busy working to get contracts for the 2022 Home & Garden Show into our members’ hands. If you did not participate in the 2021 Home Show consider signing up for the 50th Annual Home & Garden Show in 2022.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July!