I would like to recognize all those who have been working hard to reschedule and in many ways, reinvent, our HBAL events. The Spring Parade of Homes will be occurring on June 21-28. Although there is a chance we may have to adjust the hours the homes are scheduled to be open, we have already launched the online guidebook which will include virtual tours for the entries. The Parade is crucial in showcasing the craftsmanship and dedication it takes to build these homes. As of now the HBAL Golf Tournament is scheduled for June 19. We are expecting a good turn out as like myself, many people are looking for any chance to get out of their house! The last change to note is the Tour of Remodeled Homes which is postponed for later this fall.

When reflecting on the changes occurring day to day, it reminds me of building a house. When first starting you have your plans and set schedule. As you begin to build, something always seems to take a bit longer than you expected. This sets your schedule back a bit. Then as you continue something doesn’t work out, and you have to scrap your original plans and you have to reorganize and reinvent. Even with all the new plans, rescheduling and redesigning, we as homebuilders still get it done. Instead of focusing on all of the changes happening, I challenge you to reflect after each day and ask yourself two questions, “What was I able to get done today? How did I help my community today?”

I look forward this month to the Spring Parade of Homes and the annual golf tournament! Thank you to everyone for your patience as we work through these changes.