My wife and I recently took the plunge and subscribed to Disney+. We discussed this for a couple of days going back and forth on whether or not it would be worth it. We came to the decision that this would be the best timing to try out this streaming service. I have to say it was a great decision. Let me rewind a bit and share what our nightly routine as a family looked like before the quarantine. After dinner and the cleanup process, the family would all grab their separate devices and go into their own rooms for the rest of the evening. Now, together as a family, we partake in watching a different Marvel movie each night. After the movie comes deep discussion of the plot, acting and thoughts on what the next movie will show. All day, I look forward to being surrounded by my family and watching the next movie.

This quarantine has reminded me of how important my family is to me. Whether it’s our nightly Marvel movie, family meals or FaceTiming with my daughter and her husband living in California, I treasure these times and give thanks for allowing me this time to focus on my family. I find comfort in being in my home with my family. We as members of HBAL have played a role in the comfort families are finding in their homes. Every day we work to build, remodel and sell homes to families; the homes that people are quarantining in right now we helped provide. For all those feeling like there’s nothing you can do right now, you already did it, you supplied families with homes.

The staff at HBAL are continuing to make adjustments to our summer and fall events. Make sure to follow us on social media for announcements as we continue to alter events. Reach out to one another, check in on your employees and remind them that we will make it through this. The Board of Directors and staff at HBAL are here for you, please reach out to us if you need anything.