Life has definitely changed in the last couple months. Fortunately, my husband, Karel, and I are still both working and our daycare is still open. Since we are unable to go places or see family, we have been going on lots of bike rides and walks exploring the Heritage Trail by our house near Beatrice. We have also been getting more projects done around the house and getting the girls involved with those projects.

Lincoln Cabinet is still open. The four of us come in everyday, although we are open by appointment only to clients. We still have a slow stream of leads coming in and jobs to work on. Some clients want to postpone their project until later this summer, and some want to continue on as scheduled. Thankfully, our subcontractors are small crews, so we have been able to continue on with minor adjustments.

As of the print date, we are still planning on the Tour of Remodeled Homes to be June 13-14. We had extended the deadline for entry until May 1, however we are going to be somewhat flexible and give participants at least until after the May 6 directive date to make a decision.

We are also still planning on the Remodelers Golf Tournament on Friday, August 28 at Holmes Golf Course. Sponsorship information and team registration will be mailed out soon!

We are working on our fall lineup of monthly meetings with the hope we will be able to return to normal (or maybe a new normal). Please continue to watch for email updates from the HBAL office and follow the Remodelers Council’s Facebook page for updates.