Thank you to all the members who attended HBAL’s Family Night on August 13. It was great to be back in person and have time to socialize with friends. I am looking forward to HBAL’s Awards Ceremony on September 28 at the Country Club of Lincoln.

Last month we learned information about the City’s proposed updates to their Drainage Criteria Manual. Potential updates include updating the precipitation models used to calculate the floodplain. This will increase anticipated rainfall by about 1” which would expand Lincoln’s floodplain. There are proposals to increase freeboard requirements from 1’ to 2’ above floodplain. The updates also propose increasing minimum stream corridors (unbuildable areas next to stream corridors) resulting in more required green space in new developments. If the new guidelines are passed as proposed, a significant portion of Lincoln’s land will be unbuildable and will require more land for each neighborhood, increasing lot costs. This issue is one we are watching closely, and we will continue to have conversations with City representatives. If you’d like more information, please contact me or Michaela at HBAL.