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Zeng Granite, Inc.
Tim Zeng
Joel Clark
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Countertops, Backsplashes, Unique Stone Features
Granite & Quarts
Residential & Commercial
Over 20 years experience

Zeng Granite has experience working with builders and remodelers for a variety of projects. From one simple vanity to over 300 slabs for a large apartment complex,  we understand the timelines and pressure of a commercial job. We specialize in customer service for clients of builders, designers and contractors to get the best results.

Zeng Granite works with builders, designers and remodelers for a variety of projects for over 20 years.  From one simple remnant  for a home to over 300 slabs for large apartment or hotel complexes.  We understand timelines and pressures of a commercial job and strive to get the best results.


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