Looking over the last year, I was privileged to be a part of the leadership team of the Remodelers Council and to see HBAL from the inside. This is an amazing organization full of impressive leaders and business owners.

As my chairmanship comes to a close, I’d like to give a few “Thank Yous” out.

1. Thank you to HBAL and the Remodelers Council for this opportunity to serve in a unique and fun way. I have met many professionals and people in the trades that I may have otherwise never crossed paths with. I have learned more about Lincoln as a community and the needs of the remodeling community.

2. Thank you Jennie Korth and the HBAL staff for all the support and organization that you give with a smile, so that this group can be educational and supportive. Good Luck to the Vice Chairman, Ben Klein. Yes, we are both countertop guys, who play nice and support each other, while in direct competition! Ben, I’m confident you will be able to lead well if troubling times are on their way (like everyone thinks).