Whew! It’s a hot and stormy summer so far. I’m thankful to the roofers and exterior experts in HBAL and the Remodelers Council for keeping up with all the needs of Lincoln. I’ve been hearing about staff shortages and increased business for a while, but certain industries feel it differently at certain times of the year. Just hoping everyone stays safe and hydrated while up on those roofs.

Reflecting on the last few Remodeler Council meetings, I want to share my gratitude for those business owners and employees who continually show up for our events. I know when there is more business and fewer workers, the “extracurriculars” sometimes take a back seat. But in times like this, we may need each other even more. The support, camaraderie and advice of others who have been in your shoes is what makes any industry stronger. I feel that and have experienced it through this group. I wouldn’t have that support if I didn’t attend meetings, engage in small talk and walk the tours. Being a part of a great association like this is a good start.

We have some amazing opportunities coming up soon, so put them on your calendar and make plans to attend. The Remodelers Golf Tournament is always fun and not just for golfers. There are many ways to be involved without swinging a club. I find this tournament to be light-hearted, and everyone walks away with some sort of prize, or drink, or food or smile!