I hope everyone is having a great summer. Soon we will see all the kids back in school. We have a busy month in store with HBAL’s Family Fun Night on August 4 and the Remodelers Council Golf Tournament on August 18.

Let’s talk about the most important part of all of our jobs: safety. Safety is the number one factor overlooked by contractors and customers alike. We want to get the job done, and the customer wants it done even faster, so sometimes we take it for granted that it will be “just fine.”

The list of accidents that happen at home building and remodeling sites can be frightening. Contractors falling from ladders and roofs, injuries from equipment and flying debris, broken bones from collapsing walls or floors. Almost all accidents are preventable if we work with staff and our customers. If a customer is asking for a project that is unsafe, it is okay for you to say no. We all want to go home to our families every night. A load bearing wall, countertop, deck rail, etc. is not worth the lost work time for the employee, employer or customer.

As an HBAL or Remodelers Council member, what are the steps and training that you do to keep yourselves and customers safe? Ask yourself these questions so that we can all continue to do the jobs that we love to do!