Dear Members,

Doggone cold the last couple of days — that is compared to the heat we’ve had the rest of the year.

The other day I had the pleasure to participate in “HBAL 101.” Lori Wellman, Jim Christo, Denny Van Horn and I hosted a bunch of new members (or relatively new members) over lunch at the HBAL offices to talk about the value of HBAL and how to get the most of it. My conclusion is “the people,” you members. We get to know the people when we participate in HBAL activities. Whether it is the golf tournaments, sporting clay shoot, car show, family outing or committee meetings. Come and get involved. About every activity has a committee or volunteers to plan and run it, thus two places to be involved.

Another big value of HBAL is HOMEPAC: donate and participate. We carry the message of “growth is good” and “homes are where workers spend the night” to the City, all the Council members, the legislature and the administration. Our strength of numbers and what we do makes us, HBAL, an influencer. And they listen.

Speaking of HOMEPAC: we have a big season, the election season, ahead. This spring we’ll be voting on Mayor and the four district City Council seats. All these positions are critical for a housing friendly city. HOMEPAC supports the cause by contributions to candidates. Members need to contribute so we can pass it through. A $100 contribution makes a member a voting member of HOMEPAC and all are welcome to our meetings. Again: donate and participate.

Here’s some news from the house of duh. The interest rates are slowing down new home production. This week we saw a blip of a decrease but then the Feds say they will raise rates again. I’m expecting 7%-ish plus for quite a while. Builder sentiment nationwide has moved down for eleven straight months. Looking on the hopeful side, maybe that will moderate our labor demand.

It has been a pleasure to be President of HBAL this year. And as I conclude, I wish everyone a very Hoppe holiday.