When I began my presidency last year, I thought it would go a bit different than how it turned out. This year has been a time of uncertainty and has required all of us to learn the art of being flexible. Events were planned, rescheduled, replanned and even canceled. Meetings were moved to Zoom. I don’t know if anybody else is excited for the day we can get rid of Zoom meetings and go back to good old-fashioned face-to-face meetings. What we thought was a pandemic which would be over this summer has continued into the new year. I could not have kept up with all the continuous changes without the incredible hard work of Michaela, Jennie, Laure and Andrea. You are the foundation of HBAL that keeps all of us going. I appreciate all of your work this past year with being flexible, rescheduling and replanning our events to help keep everyone safe. HBAL would crumble without you.

As I sign off as your president of HBAL I would like to remind everyone to keep your focus on the future. This year I have witnessed great leadership from members of the HBAL community which gives me hope HBAL will continue to grow and thrive. I am grateful for my time as president and look forward to seeing what the future of HBAL holds.