As we approach June and I’m looking out the window while writing this, I’m thinking of three things: 1) rain and I hope the drought is broken; 2) Give to Lincoln Day; and 3) Memorial Day.

Most of you know I do most of my building from my desk. My start in the housing business was delivering lumber to building sites mostly across south Lincoln. From that I can say unequivocally that mud is the enemy of housing. When I was in high school in the old days, much of our building workforce got a start as summer help or by working with a parent. That ship has probably sailed. Our industry needs all the skilled labor we can find. Seems like every segment of the industry needs trained employees.

I want to shout out to HBAL and the Lincoln Home Builders Care Foundation, particularly through the leadership of Jereme Montgomery who has been our lead on workforce development and a liaison with Southeast Community College. HBAL is there helping create careers in construction. I ask everyone to take part in spreading the word of what a great and rewarding career there is in home building. For me, it’s the pride of looking at a home, knowing it will last and knowing I got it done. I just feel good.

I also want to thank Sam Swartz for the lead on the Cruisin’ for the Trades Car Show which raised more than $9,000 for the Lincoln Home Builders Care Foundation. While the Foundation doesn’t participate in Give to Lincoln Day, our Association members, both through the Association or our Foundation, give of their time, money and expertise to make Lincoln a better place.

On Memorial Day take a moment to remember our members that are gone. This last year we lost John Kramer, a past president, as well as Lynn Knuth with Foundation Building Materials and Harley Shortridge of Harley’s Heating & A/C, Inc.

Have a great summer hope for building in the sunshine.