Fall is here and remodeling projects are in full swing. The best fall remodeling projects start outdoors while the weather is cool and finish indoors where it’s nice and warm. Remodeling contractors will be very busy with all the projects customers want to get done before the holidays.

How do we become the company your client wants? As time goes on in your business, it is inevitable that your business will change. What worked for you and your clients five years ago will not be the same now or as it will be in five more years. With that said, how do you change your model not only for your best business practices, but for your clients’? If interest rates are up, do you stop doing remodel work, or do you find other avenues with material costs, labors costs and design costs to still get the clients what they want? Do you do fewer jobs for a higher profit? When interest rates are low how do you change your business plan for your client? How do you create value in what you are doing no matter the economy? These are all great questions that we have been dealing with, and will be dealing with in the future.

October is going to be a very exciting month with the Fall Parade of Homes. October 11 we have a mock OSHA inspection and October 18 is our Remodelers Council meeting at the Willard Community Center.