Hey members! It is a great time to be a Home Builder, and we have 31 houses in our Parade of Homes to show off what we do. Hopefully the Feds won’t raise rates enough to hamper the market.

It seems like there is a lot of activity to create lots going on in Lincoln. Unfortunately, the cost to produce a lot is not what we would call “affordable,” which adds to the struggle to build affordable housing in Lincoln. National data say the median price of a new house in Lincoln last year was $341,637. That means that there were as many homes sold for less than that price as more. Median income in Lincoln is $82,500 which under normal matrix makes $235,000 affordable. Now something doesn’t fit does it? I can tell you for sure if we Home Builders could control the cost of a house we would.

April is here and that means it is time for HBAL’s Tribute to Youth. It has been three years since we have been able to honor the young people who won our high school Residential and Interior Design Contests and our annual scholarship recipients. April 12 will be a great evening with the opportunity to visit with five of the winners of the high school contests and six scholarship recipients. Make sure you attend and take advantage of the opportunity to visit with these young adults about why a career in our industry is so important!

The Remodelers Council will be having their Tour of Remodeled Homes April 23 and 24. This public event hasn’t happened since 2019! Make time to visit these fine homes from 12-5 p.m. Just $5 gets you into all nine homes!

Happy Spring!