Happy Spring! At our latest meeting, we toured the new facilities for CEDARS. “CEDARS is here to ensure all kids have a safe environment where they can grow and thrive.” The new facilities will be adding to CEDAR’s mission and helping children and families. CEDARS was gracious enough to let us host our meeting, as well as show off their new conference/office rooms, kitchen, dining area and basketball courts.

Coming in April are some exciting events! At the beginning of the month, HBAL is holding the annual Tribute to Youth dinner, where we recognize outstanding students. In the middle of the month is Construction Career Day, which everyone in this organization can relate to! Construction careers deserve to be promoted because they are the jobs that help build facilities, bring people together, take care of people and support people.

At the end of the month, be sure to attend the Tour of Remodeled homes! In order to prepare and support this event, Zeng Granite blocks out two weeks in our calendar to fit remodel projects into our installation schedule. During this time, our remodelers/builders are our top priority. As a remodeler, what can you do to support the Tour and show off your own work?