Spring is here and it is the kick off of remodeling season! Soon we will all be working on both indoor and outdoor remodeling projects.

It was our privilege in March to have Perry Haralson from Cornhusker Bank speak about how banking and remodeling can work hand in hand and what the effect is on our business. It was a great learning opportunity for the Remodelers Council.

With new workload coming in, I would like to talk about customer expectations at our Remodelers Roundtable on April 5. Meeting customer expectations is crucial in the success of our business. What are some of the items you do to manage those expectations?

Some of the things we do here at LL Countertops is 1) know the client and 2) make sure we are doing selections that will work for their project. Once selections are made, set up a plan that has all the small details covered. “The devil is in the details.” We then go over the final plan with the customer prior to fabrication of materials. Once a project is complete, do you review it with your client? Do you ask for other leads? Google reviews?

The Tour of Remodeled Homes is April 29-30. Support your fellow Remodelers Council members by attending this great event.