The Home Builders Association of Lincoln (HBAL) hosted its second annual Construction Career Day at Southeast Community College on March 26. Continuing education is important, even if it’s not in a classroom. Local construction companies took hands-on training to another level when they allowed area high-school students to experience operating a back-hoe, hammering a nail, using power tools, smoothing out concrete and more! Thanks to Jereme Montgomery (Stephens & Smith Construction) and Benjamin Carey (Build DCB, Inc.) for organizing this successful event which hosted over 230 students!

Residential construction is one of the many industries facing a labor shortage and it is events like Construction Career Day that bring awareness to young adults of the many employment opportunities available in construction. “A good time to get into residential construction is as soon as you graduate from high school,” says Lance Roach (Black Label Built). “You could go right out of high school, start your career and by the time some people graduate with a four-year degree, you’re already established in your career.”

Most of us are taught at a young age that to be successful in life, you must attend a four-year college or university right after high school. Kids go to college sometimes not knowing what career path to follow. Four years later, they have a degree they can’t use and school debt. That is why schools like The Career Academy are so important. They give students the opportunity to try a particular pathway such as residential building construction, masonry, electrical or HVAC before investing money in college. They not only gain valuable on-the-job experience but they also earn college credit while in high school. “There’s nothing more valuable than time on the jobsite,” says HBAL’s First Vice President, Matt Kinning (Kinning Design Build).

HBAL is continually working on ways to connect with local youth and share the endless possibilities a career in residential construction provides. If you are interested in helping with this effort, you are encouraged to reach out to an HBAL staff or board member.