While taking part in the Parade of Homes, safety measures will be taken seriously. As an attendee of the event, we ask that you follow these guidelines:

  • Stay home if you are potentially sick. Those displaying COVID-19 symptoms will not be granted access to the home.
  • Maintain 6’ social distancing guidelines while waiting to enter the home, talking to those working in the home and while touring the home. This may require waiting to enter a hallway or a room until the group ahead of you has left the area.
  • Refrain from touching surfaces and handles in the home.
  • Make sure to wear/bring socks with you as you will be asked to slip your shoes off. If you do not have socks on, you may not be allowed to enter a home. Consider bringing a bag to carry your shoes if it is raining.
  • All visitors must wear a face covering to enter a Parade Home.

Your interest and participation in the event is greatly appreciated. We hope you enjoy the Parade while still being mindful of the current health situation. If you do not feel comfortable viewing the homes on this year’s event, please contact any of the builders directly or visit https://hbal.org/events/parade-of-homes/ to view the online guidebook.