As only the second female President in 72 years it is an honor to be voted into this position. My path into the construction industry started in college at UNK. I learned of a major that combined design and construction, and after a few classes I declared my major in Kitchen and Bath Design. I truly enjoy helping people to improve their homes and creating spaces that fit their needs and visions. I often tell people “I get to take an old penny and shine it, make it new again.”

I moved to Lincoln in 1997 to work for Lincoln Cabinet and the first HBAL event I attended was at the Villager Hotel on O Street. I had been encouraged to go to meet people I would be working with and also some people my own age here in Lincoln.

Through this organization I have indeed made many connections, but more so I have made friendships. People who I can call for advice, a helping hand or to toast an accomplishment. If you have been a member for a while, you know what a great group of members we have in HBAL. If you are new to Home Builders and you get to know one or two people, you will soon know ten more and your circle will continue to widen each year.

The construction industry is ever changing; new products are always on the horizon, as well as code changes and requirements that we will have to adapt to each year. I am looking forward to getting to know even more of our members this year and making some new friends. We are all wondering, what will 2023 bring? No matter what this year has in store, just remember as an association we are stronger together.