What remodel trends will be big in 2023? The pandemic changed the way people work and spend time at home. We can expect to see those changes reflected in the renovations homeowners prioritize in the new year. Coupled with a rise in material costs and a sky-high housing market, experts predict home renovations focused on increasing comfort and functionality will be big.

Some trends we should be looking at this year include home offices. With more people working from home on a regular basis, experts predict home office renovations to be big. This may include anything from building a dedicated home office space or simply upgrading an existing workspace to make it more comfortable and functional.

With the cost of new homes and interest rates, clients will be looking to upgrade their existing homes. Daily use areas like kitchens and bathrooms will be first.

Outdoor living spaces will also see an uptick in 2023. With more time being spent at home, homeowners are looking to maximize livable space wherever possible, including outdoors. Especially as weather begins to warm up, experts say we can expect to see renovations move outside.