It is my privilege and honor to begin my term as the 74th president of the Home Builders Association. Throughout my career I have worked in many different fields of construction. From being an electrical apprentice (back then that meant grunt) to building homes in Omaha. Then I moved to commercial construction in Lincoln and now own my own home building company. Over the years I have learned a lot. At one point my dad served as the president of the Builders Bureau which was my first exposure to serving and supporting the organizations that help both our industry and our community. As I have become more involved with HBAL it has only made me more supportive of the work our organization does.

As we know, our industry is constantly changing. There’s a lot to keep up with, from technology to interest rates to codes. With the help of our board, our members and our staff, our intent is to help make members aware of many of these changes.

My challenge to everyone in this new year is to find someone who is not a member and encourage them to join. The second thing is find a member who is not involved and encourage them to find ways to get plugged in. Let’s make 2024 a great year and I am looking forward to serving all of you this year!