Happy Happy 2022! I am thrilled to be this year’s chairperson. I want to thank Sue Eaton for a wonderful year leading the Remodeler’s Council – here’s to another great one!

Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions – personal or professional? One of my goals is to increase awareness in the community about the Remodeler’s Council. I’d like to see members of HBAL refer to our group for support and help people in the Lincoln area gain a better understanding of what we do and why we support each other.

The Home & Garden Show is coming up. There are two main things we stick by to make sure we provide the best Zeng Granite Experience for every Home and Garden Show visitor. First, we always like to get a double booth to allow our materials and people to be spread out. Secondly, we make our space as inviting as we can, arranging tables around the perimeter with a square of carpet in the center to make the area feel more cozy and inviting. The area should be comfortable for our employees as well as attendees, which allows conversations to flow naturally. We always have such a wonderful time talking with the attendees and being at the event. We hope to see you there!