I am excited to be the Remodelers Council Chairperson for 2023. Thank you all for the nomination. I would especially like to thank Tim Zeng for his leadership in 2022. I also would like to recognize Jason Willet as this year’s Vice Chair and Megan Dreyer as Secretary. This will be a great year.

The Remodelers Council provides an array of activities for members to promote their business and network with others in the industry. My focus this year will be our economy and how it affects our businesses. How can members of the Remodelers Council help each other? How can we pass on knowledge of the good times and the bad times to flourish in our businesses? How can we bring in more local companies to our group, not only to be members, but also to be involved? We as a group can only get stronger together. My goal for the coming year is to answer these questions and more.

The Nebraska Builders Home & Garden Show will be here before you know it. The Remodelers Council Food Bank House needs volunteers at the Show to help transport food items from the main entrance to the display. If you’re interested in helping out, please contact the HBAL office.