Howdy, Hello, Aloha, Hi!

There are many ways to greet each other. And there are many ways to discuss remodeling projects, but are we all communicating? Communication between general contractors, subcontractors and employees can be tricky when it involves so many specialties. In the stone fabrication industry, we find confusion when discussing quartz and natural stones. In fact, one of our quartz suppliers calls their products “Natural.” To the consumer, their word is true. To others, “natural stone” is something that comes from a quarry in the earth, not a factory in Minnesota.

What communication errors are you seeing within your industry? What communication problems could there be between the general contractor and the subs? As a Remodelers Council, we form relationships with members who attend our meetings and participate in the fun! This makes it easier to clear up communication issues and get over the mistakes that can happen on a simple or complicated job.

Making an effort to attend the meetings and events, and hold small talk, takes the difficulty out of future conversations. Laying the groundwork for relationships and partnerships with good communication starts at the Remodelers Council-so get involved today!