Staffing challenges and shortages seem to be a topic of discussion in everyone’s business right now.

Even the Husker Football Program is hiring! All the restaurants, manufacturers, service providers are looking for quality people to join their companies. How can the Remodeling Industry stand out?

There are many benefits to being part of a remodeling and building company. The skills acquired will transfer to many professions. The skills learned on a job site and in a remodel project can be used to build a career as your own boss, or a valuable employee for someone else. The work is ever changing. Many staff members love how much variety there is in a week’s worth of projects. Others appreciate the physical work and pride in a beautifully finished room. Are you talking about these intangibles and pride points with prospective employees?

At Zeng Granite, we use our marketing team to talk about the trades and the career paths they contain. We meet many people through our networking groups and professional organizations. We also take every opportunity to meet with high school and college students. Just letting young people know that fast food or big chains are not the only options for work during or after school, can help launch a new interest in construction.

If we all spread the word about the lucrative and rewarding careers in our industry, there will be more interest in these types of jobs as we enter a volatile economy. And as long as people own their homes, they will need updated living spaces, guaranteeing future work. And that’s the greatest benefit.